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LIMITED TIME: Consulting Coupon Codes:
($30/hour discount)

> Businesses with 3 or Less Employees:

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Service Highlights

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Specializing in Software Development
Specializing in Electronics Development
Experience with Development of Other Physical Products
Audit Your Current Products for Security, Maintainability, Scalability, etc.
Full Analysis and Progress Reports Submitted Regularly

Project Management Examples

Product Development & Analysis
Manufacturing Analysis
Marketing, Advertising, Social Media & SEO
Analyzing, Designing and Implementing Procedures & Processes
Scaling Your Company – Discuss Potential Partnerships to Expand Your Business
Back Office – Software Automation, Processes and Procedures to Increase Efficiency
Competitor Analysis & Game Plan
Franchisor/Franchisee Consulting

Product Management, Project Management, or Both?:

Product Management and Project Management are very similar.

If you’re interested in having us perform product-related services, please take a look at our Product Development and Consulting offering. However, be sure to check out the rest of this page, because there are aspects of product management and project management that need to be addressed for either.

Some project management examples would be starting a company, creating a reseller program, starting a social media plan or looking to open a new physical location.

Whether you need help with product management or project management, there are tasks that need to be addressed for both. We’ll focus on these things in the rest of this page.


We have hands-on experience in designing and developing electronic products, as well as software, databases and websites.

We also have the expertise and experience in going from initial market analysis, and research and development, all the way through to production.  We also has experience in guiding many aspects of the design and development of physical products.

Our project management services can be a small, short-term, one-time job. It can be an ongoing relationship.

Whatever you feel you need. Whatever you feel the project requires.

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Product and Project Management:

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Personalized Attention:

Our founder, CEO and product designer, Scott Cywinski, would be working directly with you and leading all management consulting. The buck stops with him. You will always be able to pick up the phone and ask for him directly.  Scott has 29 years of business experience.

Coordinating and Communicating with Personnel:

Scott has dealt with all types of people and professionals during his career.

Since he’s an engineer, he is able to discuss technical aspects of any project with manufacturers, contractors, engineers and software developers.

Also, since he has run IDT Electronics for 25 years, he also understands how to communicate affectively with employees, designers, back office personnel, vendors, as well as management and owners.

Manufacturing Analysis:

We can certainly help streamline your manufacturing processes. We can analyze your current in-house, contractor or hybrid manufacturing processes, or create new processes from scratch. This would include determining what processes can be done in-house and which should be contracted.

We can contact and analyze various contract manufacturers and vendors and create a comprehensive report on our findings, with recommendations.

We can research and analyze manufacturing equipment, along with the support, warranties and policies that go along with the equipment.

Marketing, Advertising, Social Media & SEO:

We don’t pretend to specialize in marketing and advertising, although we can certainly handle all aspects in limited situations. However, we can coordinate and communicate with marketing and advertising agencies and explain to them what your goals and needs are.

We will also take all communication and work that we do with the agencies and distill it down to whatever level of detail you require, and then will update you via conversations and reports.

In other words, we can insulate you from however much of the mundane day-to-day work of the marketing and advertising that you wish, so that you only focus on your goals, needs, resources allotted to the marketing and advertising campaigns, etc.

Procedures and Processes:

Designing, creating and implementing procedures and processes is extraordinarily important to a business. They can be used to make the daily operations of a business, especially back-office run smoothly and efficiently. They will decrease employee errors, as well as employee stress. This will result in a better work environment.

Another area that procedures and processes are important is relating to assembly and production, as well as warehousing and shipping of products. With supply chain issues, inflation and an increase of cost-of-goods, it is extraordinarily important to process products as efficiently as possible.

Processes can be computer-related, such as processes in software and databases. They can be implemented via electronics and hardware, such as data-acquisition device (DAQ), barcode scanners and RFID (radio frequency identification).

But remember, practical, hands-on processes are just as important. Just one important example are processes to help workers in warehouses, on manufacturing floors or at physical locations reduce the change of acute or repetitive overuse injuries.

In summary, let’s create an analogy, where we compare your company to a building.

Your employees, company brand and products/services can be considered the foundation of your business.

Processes and procedures can be considered the structural framing that allows the company to be built upon your foundation.

Without proper framing, a building will be unsteady, flimsy and unsafe.

Likewise, without proper processes and procedures, you’ll have an unstable, uncontrollable company.

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