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  • Powered via 9V Battery
  • Counts Door Swings
  • Counts In & Out
  • Saves One Running Total
  • Use on 1 or 2 Doors
  • View Total on LCD Screen


  • Powered via A/C or Batteries
  • Counts People or Groups
  • Counts In & Out
  • Saves One Running Total
  • For Standard-Width Entrance
  • View Total on LCD Screen


  • Powered via A/C or Batteries
  • Counts People or Groups
  • Counts In & Out
  • Saves One Running Total
  • For Entrances as wide as 35 Feet
  • View Total on LCD Screen
RTC-P3 retail traffic counter.


  • Can Monitor Multiple Entrances
  • Counts People or Groups
  • Directional Sensing
  • Saves 24 Hourly Increments
  • For Entrances as wide as 30 Feet
  • Transmits to PC
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Why Choose Us?

Why Count People?

A store’s sales figures are only half of the equation for success. You must also know the store’s traffic figures to fully understand your business.

Decreased Sales + Decreased Pedestrian Traffic = External Problems

External Problems can be things such as curb appeal, location and changes in automotive traffic patterns
around your establishment’s area or lack of advertising or successful advertising.

Decreased Sales + Increased Pedestrian Traffic = Internal Problems

Internal Problems can be things such as the skill level of your sales staff, your in-store product selection or pricing.

Some Industries We Serve

We have helped customers in numerous industries in our 20 years in business.

Small Retailers

Malls & Large Retailers


Government and Public Buildings

Hospital Operating Room Doors

Farmer’s Markets, Trade Shows and Temporary Installations

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What Our Customers are Saying

“We are a small museum and really appreciate it when someone shows us such kindness.”

Carla A., Tillamook County Pioneer Museum

“Old fashioned service. I love it…I meant that in a good way in case the email was unclear. I’m not used to good service all that much anymore.”

Russ W., Memphis Kiddie Park

“Like clockwork!!! That’s basically it in a nutshell. The package arrived yesterday afternoon exactly as scheduled. Our crew installed them this morning, quickly and easily.”

Lora K., Town & County of Nantucket, MA

“I am hoping to purchase counters for 2 additional branch libraries and will be happy to order from IDT, thanks to your stellar customer service.”

Norma S., Josephine Community Library

“What great customer service!”

Kendal B., City of Georgetown, TX

“‘Above and beyond’ – best customer service we’ve experienced in a very long time.”

Gail M., Rural Minnesota CEP, Inc.

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