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LIMITED TIME: Consulting Coupon Codes:
($30/hour discount)

> Businesses with 3 or Less Employees:

> Non-Profit Organizations:

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Telephone or Video Conversations
No Minimums or Contracts Required
30-Minute, 60-Minute or Longer Scheduled Conversations

Topic Examples

Coaching and Mentoring of Executives, Professionals and Entrepreneurs
Startup Consulting and Analysis
Personal Improvement & Accountability for Entrepreneurs & Business Owners
New Product Consulting
Logistics – Procurement, Production, Order Fulfillment and More
Scaling Your Company
Competitor Analysis & Game Plan


This offering is primarily coaching and mentoring, and consulting via telephone and video calls. Examples of how to use this offering, would be to schedule calls as-needed, or weekly. In contrast, our Product and Project Management consulting, would generally be used for consulting in a more comprehensive way, such as helping or managing a project through to the end, or to the end of a section of the project.

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Business Consulting, Coaching and Mentoring:

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Startup Consulting and Analysis:

Many people talk about starting a business. It seems so easy, because most of the time, we only see the great successes, and not the failures.

We also don’t see the companies with moderate success that keep grinding it out each and every day.

We can speak frankly with you about:

Your business idea
Your available resources
Your current life situation
Your goals, hopes and dreams – personally and professionally

We’ll also talk about why you want to start a company. The “why” is not always as obvious and clear-cut as you might think.

Once we talk about why you want to start a business, and your resources, we can get into more business-specific points, such as:

Market analysis
Competitor analysis
Estimated startup costs
Understanding your cashflow runway
General Business Issues:

As we mentioned earlier on this page, this offering is primarily jumping on video or phone calls to discuss whatever you need help with.

Some of the things that we certainly can help with are:

Strategies to compete and differentiate your company from your competitors
Employee morale and teambuilding
Increasing office efficiency
Increasing manufacturing and shipping efficiency
Technology upgrade roadmap so your company stays relevant
Personal Improvement & Accountability for Entrepreneurs & Business Owners:

Scott bootstrapped his company, and was a “solopreneur” for most of his time running his company.

He has learned many things about being productive and being able to “boss yourself” over the years.

As a result, he has developed a number of personal systems to help personal productivity, enthusiasm, momentum and mindset.

He can help startup founders and business owners to keep their mindset focused and have energy, enthusiasm and positivity.

Professional Mentoring:

The previous section focused on helping people be more productive individuals, at a personal level. This section focuses on helping people become better professionals.

We can coach and mentor entrepreneurs, executives and management and professionals in any industry.

Just a few of the things that we can help you with are:

Become a better leader
Learning how emerging technologies can help your business, or you as a professional
Creating and updating your resume
Brainstorm and plan your professional future
Brainstorm and plan your company’s future
Wide-Ranging Business Experience:

Our founder and CEO, Scott Cywinski, has extensive experience working as a software engineer in the manufacturing industry, as well as working in a company that had 40 franchisee retail stores, multiple manufacturing plants and warehouses.

This resulted in Scott acquiring a comprehensive set of skills and experience to understanding the processes, procedures and logistics of taking raw materials, creating products, storing and shipping them, and finally offering them at retail. He has created and maintained all of the software and databases for all of these steps in the product lifecycle.

With this kind of wide-ranging experience, we are confident that we can help your company adapt, grow and prosper.

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