Terms of Service:

Electronic People Counter Product Line

As of October 21, 2019

By purchasing our people counter system, Customer agrees to the following terms and conditions, unless otherwise agreed upon by IDT and Customer in writing prior to execution of sale.  All prices are in US Dollars.

Product Line:

This document only reflects sales of our Electronic People Counter product line, which includes RTC-P3, RTC-S2X, RTC-S2XL, EPC-IRD1, EPC-IRD1e, EPC-MAG1, RTC-P1, EPC-3D and all accessories relating to these products.  All other product lines by Inter-Dimensional Technologies, Inc. will have its own terms and conditions.

Changes in Policies:

Although there will be very few changes, Inter-Dimensional Technologies (d/b/a IDT Electronics; IDT) reserves the right to change these policies without any prior notice.

Return Policy:

Please see our Returns and Refunds page for full details.

Manufacturer’s Warranty:

IDT will repair or replace, at its discretion, any returned defective product (does not include batteries or optional NEMA outdoor enclosures) that fails within five (5) years of the delivery date under the following conditions.  1: This warranty will be void if Product is misused, abused, installed inconsistently with the provided Product instructions or if overdue balances exist.  2: If Product fails during the first year, IDT will repair or replace the unit in question at no cost to Customer.  IDT will also pay shipping charges in both directions if Customer resides in North America.  If Customer does not reside in North America, then Customer must pay shipping charges in both directions, regardless of when Product failed.  3: If Product fails during second through fifth year, IDT will repair or replace the unit in question for the following flat fee and Customer will be responsible for payment of shipping in both directions: 3D Camera System: $65 flat fee.   RTC-P3 and/or door sensors: $45 flat fee.   RTC-P1: $35 flat fee.    EPC-IRD1 and/or EPC-IRD1e: $30 flat fee.    EPC-MAG1: $20 flat fee.  4: If the Product fails after the five-warranty period, IDT will determine if it will repair the product and, if so, will issue a repair quotation including parts, labor, and shipping.  5: IDT will accept returns of defective product for repair or replacement, if and only if, IDT Technical Support personnel indicate to do so in advance; ensuring IDT Technical Support personnel are given the opportunity to distinguish between product failure and installation and/or operating errors.  6: If IDT decides to decrease the number of years of the warranty, then Customer will still be covered under the longer warranty that was in place at the time of purchase.

The equipment is designed to be used indoors and any damage due to outdoor use, such as rain or extreme dust or debris will also void the warranty, unless Customer purchases an optional NEMA waterproof enclosure from IDT.

Technical Support:

Our technical support currently consists of support via telephone and/or e-mail.  We do not offer onsite technical support.

Free Technical Support: IDT provides a given number of free minutes of technical support during the first 30 days after the delivery date via telephone and/or e-mail.  The following number of minutes of free technical support is provided for each of the following models: 3D Camera System is 120 minutes; RTC-P3 is 60 minutes; EPC-IRD1 is 30 minutes; RTC-P1 is 30 minutes; EPC-MAG1 is 15 minutes.

These free minutes of technical support are only offered during the first 30 days after the delivery date.

Yearly Technical Support Contract: IDT has eliminated this option until further notice due to a lack of customer participation.  We may offer a yearly support contract in the future.

Hourly Technical: The current hourly rate for hourly technical support is $70/hour and billed in six-minute increments.  There is a minimum charge per incident for hourly technical support.  The minimum hourly technical support charge is currently $14.00 (0.2 hours) and is subject to change without notice.  Customer must provide IDT with credit card information that will be used to charge for the incident before any technical support is provided.  Customer will not be provided payment terms for hourly technical support.

If an incident requires more than 12 minutes, then Customer will be billed for every six minutes thereafter.  As an example, 13 minutes will incur a charge of 18 minutes (0.3 hours), which equates to $21.00 at our current rate of $70/hour.

Customers who do not reside in North America will be responsible for long distance charges.  Those customers will be required to call IDT in order to accept the long distance charges.

Overdue Invoices:

IDT charges two (2) percent interest per month on all invoices overdue by more than 30 days.  A five-dollar ($5.00) processing fee is also charged for each invoice that is mailed or e-mailed to Customer for invoices that are overdue by more than 30 days.  IDT reserves the right to refuse to repair faulty Product and to withhold any and all technical support if any invoices are overdue by more than 30 days, until the balance is paid in full.


Please see our Privacy Policy page for full details.

Liability Disclaimer:

IDT declines any liability if the product produces incorrect or incomplete information due to the malfunction or failure of the product.  IDT declines any liability of any decisions made by Customer based on incorrect or incomplete information due to the malfunction or failure of the Product.

Product Intention:

Customer agrees only to resell, lease or rent the Product with the expressed written consent of IDT.


In the unlikely event of any dispute at law or equity between the Parties, the Parties consent and agree to submit the matter to final and binding resolution in Magisterial District 34-3-01, currently located at Old Jail Building, 17 Lake Avenue, Montrose, PA 18801 (Phone: (570) 278-4600, ext. 160), which Court shall have exclusive jurisdiction and Court of Common Pleas powers based on this agreement, waiving the usual jurisdictional limits.  The magistrate’s decision shall be final and binding without appeal to or jury trial in the Court of Common Pleas, which rights are hereby mutually waived in the interests of economy, privacy, and speedy resolution.  The Parties agree to request the Magistrate to deliver a written opinion setting forth factual findings, the decision rationale, and a judgment/order that can be filed in any court having jurisdiction.  At the expense of the moving party, the Magistrate may reconsider the opinion once upon a written motion submitted and served within ten (10) business days of the opinion’s date.

IDT is not responsible for any typographical errors in this document and cannot be held responsible for such errors.

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