Passenger Counter for Buses

We offer a number of options to help count passengers on buses. Some of our customers simply use the EPC-IRD1 Electronic People Counter. Other customers use a semi-custom solution to count bus passengers. The idea with using a semi-custom solution is that we can tailor the equipment to suit the particular installation details on the bus. As part of this semi-custom solution, we can provide you with the proper motherboard (which includes the microprocessor, memory and input/output connections). We offer various sensors, depending on how and where the sensor will be mounted. Additionally, we can even create custom cable assemblies to connect the sensors to the motherboard, as well as cable assemblies to connect the motherboard to the DC power.

We have helped customers who are overseas who have privately-owned buses. We’ve also helped universities count student passengers who use campus buses for campus transportation. Please don’t hesitate to contact us so we can discuss your particular details. We can then provide you with a solution that would best suit your needs.

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