Billing Terms & Conditions:

Prepayment is required for all customers, unless Customer contacts IDT to discuss payment terms.

Paying via Credit Card:

If paying via credit card on our website, Customer’s credit card is not charged at the time that the order is submitted.  An “authorization” is created, to determine if funds are available.  We then review the order to make sure that Customer did not make any errors when ordering, such as ordering incompatible components.   If there is a question about Customer’s order, we will contact Customer via e-mail or telephone.  We typically charge the credit card a day or two before the order ships, unless Customer tell us it needs to be charged immediately.

Paying via Check or Obtaining Credit Terms:

We periodically approve credit terms, usually for long-time customers.  If Customer wishes to pay via check or credit terms, there is an option reflecting this in our online store that can be selected.  This allows the order to be automatically placed into our production schedule without the need to supply credit card information on our website.  Additionally, if Customer does not wish to supply credit card information on our website, Customer can also use this option and call us to provide the credit card information via telephone.

Cancellation of Order:

Customer has the right to cancel the order before the order is shipped, unless Customer and IDT agree in writing that there will be no returns.  This may be for larger orders, after Customer already placed a smaller order to make sure our products perform as desired.  IDT reserves the right to cancel any order, due to extended lead times of components or any other issue.  In that case, IDT will contact Customer via telephone or e-mail immediately upon decision to cancel order.

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