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LIMITED TIME: Consulting Coupon Codes:
($30/hour discount)

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Development Considerations

From Brainstorming to Production
Market Research
Research and Development, Prototyping and Testing
Implementation/Creating of the Product Design
Manufacturing & Assembly Consulting
Marketing & Advertising Consulting
User Experience


We have extensive hands-on experience in designing and developing electronic products, as well as software, databases and websites.

We also have the expertise in going from initial market analysis, and research and development, all the way through to production.  We also has experience in guiding many aspects of the design and development of other types of physical products.

In the case of software development, we can code in HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, C/C++, Python, PHP/MySQL, BASIC, and many other languages and technologies, as well as website development using WordPress and WooCommerce.

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From Brainstorming to Production:

Our experience extends through every phase of development, all the way through to the production rollout.

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Product Development and Consulting:

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From Brainstorming to Production:

Our experience extends through every phase of development, all the way through to the production rollout.

Market Research:

It starts with market research and understanding your competitors and the market.

Research and Development, Prototyping and Testing:

Next, research and development (R&D), which includes prototyping, and then testing.  Prototyping/testing is an iterative process, that allows for nimble and efficient development. 

Implementation/Creating of the Product Design:

Next, the implementation/create of the design of the product.  This should not be confused with the creating (manufacturing) of the product.

What we are talking about here is the step between the R&D and manufacturing of the product.  This is your final design, including the procedures for manufacturing (if it is a physical product).

Many times, this is all that people focus on when bringing a product to market.  It is a huge mistake to design a product without taking into account the important aspects that should happen before and after. 

Manufacturing (for physical products):

Next, the manufacturing process begins.  The manufacturing process can be so much easier, more efficient and less costly if all aspects of this process that we listed previously are taken into account.

Marketing and Advertising:

When it comes to marketing and advertising, a quote comes to mind: “Build it, and they will come.”  This is the furthest thing from the truth.

If your market research is done properly, so that you understand your competitors, competitors’ branding and your customer base, then you will have a product that is designed for success.

However, you now have to market and advertise the product.

If you do your homework with the market analysis, you will be able to add features and an interface during the R&D/prototyping phase that will be received in a very positive way with the customer base, and resonate with them.

In other words, R&D/prototyping, is not only important to see how to get something to work.  It is important because it will be there that you create the “personality” of the product, so that once you get to the advertising and marketing, it should be much easier.

After all, you can’t market a product that simply does not resonate with the intended customer base.

Day-To-Day Usage and Maintenance:

It’s important not to forget that product development should also include knowledge about the day-to-day usage and maintenance of a product after it is developed.  We keenly understands this.

User Experience:

Every decision during the product development process should ask how it will affect the user experience.

After all, when we get right down to it, every decision about the product should improve the user experience. A quality user experience should make the product intuitive and leave the user with a satisfied impression.

In the case of software, part of the user experience is also the speed in which the software operates.  There is nothing worse than software that runs slowly.  Many developers do not consider speed to be part of the user experience, because that is considered a “backend” (ie, server) issue for Cloud-based software.  However, this is definitely not true.


Another question for each decision during product development should be, “how will this affect maintenance, scalability and upgrading to newer technologies in the future?”  It is an all too common occurrence to see a product have to be fully redeveloped from scratch because of these issues.  We will be sure to help you design your product so that it can grow with your company and your company’s needs.

Security & Data Protection:

Another vital aspect of digital or electronic products is security.  Anyone who does not account for security in the early stages of development arise simply being foolish.  It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in.  You need to understand security, not only for your company’s protection and your customer/client protection, but also to conform with any laws governing data privacy.

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