Privacy Policy

Sharing of Your Personal Information:

Inter-Dimensional Technologies, Inc (referred to as IDT) does not not sell, rent, lend or provide customer information to any third parties for any reason at this time, unless it would be required by law, or is required to process your order (such as sending credit card information securely to our credit card processing vendor). IDT may provide potential customers Customer contact information, such as name, company name, phone number and e-mail address so that potential customers can contact Customer for reference.  If Customer does not wish to be included in any potential customer reference list, then Customer can notify IDT to opt out, by contacting us via phone number of e-mail. IDT reserves the right to use positive comments concerning IDT and/or IDT Products for advertising purposes.  IDT will use the first name and last initial of the contact person of Customer, as well as the company name of the Customer.


Cookies are required when ordering via our online store, and are necessary to process your order.  The cookies are temporary and only used until the order is submitted.

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