Pedestrian Counters for Park Trails and Park Restrooms

Our EPC-MAG1 Electronic Pedestrian Counter is ideal for use in park restrooms. Our EPC-IRD1 Electronic Pedestrian Counter is ideal for use on park trails, when used with our optional weather-resistant enclosures.

EPC-MAG1 Electronic Pedestrian Counter

The EPC-MAG1 is ideal for use in park restrooms, even in remote locations where a power source is not available. The system senses and counts each time the door is opened.

Magnetic Door Sensors:

The EPC-MAG1 uses a magnetic sensor that mounts on the door frame. A magnet mounts on the door. There are two sets of magnetic sensor/magnets included. These magnetic sensors and magnets are quite small and mount to the surface of the door and door frame.

You can use an optional recessed sensor and magnet if you want to totally hide the sensor and magnet. This can be done by drilling a hole in the top edge of the door and in the edge of the door frame. You would then install the sensor and magnet in these holes. The wire that connects the magnetic sensor to the EPC-MAG1 pedestrian counter would also be hidden away. This is an excellent anti-tampering feature for environments that are not monitored by employees on a regular basis.

Easy to Hide the EPC-MAG1:

There are no infrared beams, which means that the system can be hidden away more easily. This is because systems with infrared beams must be mounted so that the beam emits across the entrance. The EPC-MAG1 can be hidden away in drop ceilings or anywhere else the small EPC-MAG1 can physically fit.

Long Battery Life:

The pedestrian counter uses a standard 9V alkaline battery and has a battery life of approximately one year. You can use a 9V lithium battery for even more battery life. This is excellent for environments that will not be monitored by employees on a regular basis.

EPC-IRD1 Electronic Pedestrian Counter and EPC-IRD1E Infrared Emitter:

The EPC-IRD1 and EPC-IRD1E are ideally suited for counting hikers on park trails, when used in conjunction with our weather-resistant enclosures.

Small Size:

The EPC-IRD1 Electronic Pedestrian Counter and the EPC-IRD1E Infrared Emitter each measure only 3.3″x2.2″x1.4″.

Powering the Pedestrian Counter:

The EPC-IRD1 and EPC-IRD1E can be powered via A/C adapter or via batteries. Obviously, the ability to power the system via batteries is idea for use on park trails.

Weather-Resistant Enclosures:

The EPC-IRD1 and EPC-IRD1E would each be placed in a weather-resistant enclosure. These weather-resistant enclosures are made of very durable plastic. They have a clear face so that the infrared beam can emit through the enclosure. There is a latch for a padlock to be placed on it for security. Please contact us for details about the weather-resistant enclosures.

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