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“Unique Perspectives… Practical, Elegant Solutions”

Elegant Solutions:

An elegant solution is when you hear a proposed solution, and you say, “yes, that’s how it obviously should be done!”

An elegant solution not only accomplishes the goal, but does so in a way that just makes perfect sense.

As an example, in software development, an elegant solution should be relatively easy to implement, easy to maintain, runs on the computer resources that are available, takes into account the ability and knowledge of the users, and should scale well for future growth.

Simply put, an elegant solution is one that is clean and intuitive.

This is what you will get from us.

Finding Solutions is Easy.  Finding Solutions within Limitations is Hard:

We will find solutions to your problems.  We will find answers to your questions.

Our real superpower is creating these solutions within the confines and limitations of the available resources.  Some of these limited resources to consider would be time, money, experience, company personnel and your company’s competitors, just to name a few.

We have grown our company for 25 years, without any funding, so we know how to think “outside the box” by coming up with solutions that are attainable with the available resources.

We would be keenly aware of the limitation in resources that you have, when working with you on your goals.

Here’s the three consulting options that we currently offer.  However, please be sure to read about our views about consulting below these options.

Our Consulting Options

Business Consulting, Coaching & Mentoring Product & Project Management at
Product Development Consulting from
Business Consulting, Coaching & Mentoring Product & Project Management at Product Development Consulting from
These Days, Every Company Needs to Act Like a Nimble Bootstrapped Startup:

In this day and age of inflation, layoffs, “quiet hiring” and “quiet quitting” and ongoing supply chain issues, all businesses need to start thinking like a bootstrapped* startup.  It doesn’t matter how big or small your company is.  It doesn’t matter how much funding or revenue your business has had in the past.

You need to start thinking like a bootstrapped startup.  And that is our specialty: Giving you a great bang for every single buck.

So, if you need a cost-effective, elegant solution, taking into account your company’s full circumstances and expectations, then please give us a call.

No Minimums & No Contracts:

We currently require no minimum commitments or contracts.  If you would like to lock us in on our calendar and/or negotiate a rate for an extended period of consulting, please contact us and we can discuss your particular needs.


We understand that you may not want it disclosed to your competitors or other business associates that you are using a consultant.

Maybe your business is moving in the wrong direction.  You certainly wouldn’t want your competitors to know that.  Likewise, if you’re doing great, but want to take your business to the next level, then it would be advantageous to keep it under wraps, at least until you implement and unveil the plan that we create with you.

To that end, we may ask you for a reference, a quote or review, but that would be at your full discretion, in writing.  Otherwise, you would have total confidentiality with us.  We can also sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) for your peace-of-mind.

What Can We Do for You?:

We can help you in a variety of ways.

As-Needed, Impromptu Phone or Video Call:

We can jump on a telephone or video call on an as-needed basis and bounce ideas off of us or ask us questions.

Project or Product Management:

We can also fully manage or help you manage product development or a project that you are implementing.

Product Development:

We can develop electronic products, software or other products for you.  We can develop a portion of the system, or the entire system.  We can train and consult with your developers to help them stay on task and to warn them of any potential pitfalls.

Pre-launch of a Startup or Product:

It is important to understand the challenges and potential solutions when starting a company, or looking to create a new product line.  We can “mystery shop,” by confidentially calling your competitors to obtain pertinent information, and report back to you.  This is useful because you want to know what your competitors are offering before you even start a startup or new product line.

With this information, we can help you find how you can differentiate your company from your competitors.  Need help defining the features for your product line and offerings, and make sure you get “version 1” released as quickly as possible, while still being competitive?  We can do that with you too.

Entrepreneur and Management Coaching and Mentoring:

Like many businesses, we had made many mistakes over the course of 25 years, and have seen many other companies make mistakes.  With this invaluable experience, he can point you in the right direction so that you learn from his mistakes.  Whether it be a little nudge or detailed help, our business consulting, coaching and mentoring will provide great value to your organization.

We also have countless contacts in many different industries, as well as knowledge of all types of software that can help you accomplish your goals.

In business, there will always be steps forward and steps backwards.  Limiting the steps backwards is critical to growing a company, increasing market share and building a brand that people will trust.

Fitting in With Your Employees:

We also understand that employees can get defensive or nervous when a consultant is hired.  So we’ll be discrete and understanding, and will always act as part of your team.

The sky’s the limit.  We will be your secret weapon.

Personalized Service:

Our Business Consulting services will be lead by, and in most cases exclusively performed by our founder, CEO, Scott Cywinski (see images on this page).  Not only is he our founder, but he’s also our chief product designer and resident bald guy at IDT.  Scott has 29 years of business experience.  He founded and has run Inter-Dimensional Technologies (d/b/a IDT Electronics) for 25 years.

He started the company with $200, and grew it through sweat equity, learning from his mistakes and pure passion for creating products that are useful to society.

And don’t worry, because in addition to Scott’s 29 years of business experience, he is constantly staying up-to-date on all the new technologies, as well as keeping his finger on the pulse of American business and industry, including the economy, employee-employer relationships and business trends.

If you’re like Scott, and want to focus on the customer experience, and create a legacy by creating value for society, then he’s your guy.

Wide-Ranging Experience:

Our primary product line has been our Electronic People Counters.  This allows us to interact with all types of businesses and organizations.  In the retail sector, we have an extensive list of furniture retailers as customers, as well as motorsports, gift shops, pawn shops and much more.  We also deal with government and public establishments, such as libraries, museums, government offices and courthouses.

Interacting with such wide-ranging business types allows us a very unique ability to relate to, and help all types of businesses and all types of industries.

Next Step?  Please Reach Out to Us Before Ordering:

If you feel that you would like us to team up with you to address any problems or challenges, or if you want us to help you with a new project, please contact us first, so that we can discuss a few details.

What would we talk about?

Are We a Good Fit for You and Your Company?

First, we want to make sure that we are a good fit for your needs.  Please note that all of our consulting is almost always done remotely.  However, if you have a special situation, or are local to our area, we can discuss on-site consulting work.

Let Us Learn About Your Company’s Past and Present:

We would love to get as much background information about your company as possible.  This allows us to not only understand the specific problems or project that you would like us to help with, but we can also make sure we understand how these problems or projects affect and interact with your entire business.  This means we’d love to know about your competitors, your resources, your current issues, any revenue or expense information (if you choose to provide it, if it is pertinent), and more.

Let’s Talk About the Task at Hand:

Next, we would like to understand the issue at hand.  This can be a problem that you’re having, or maybe you’re creating or updating a product line.  Maybe you’re thinking of adding a new retail location, or looking to open a regional warehouse.  Regardless of what you need help with, whatever information that you can give us would be greatly valuable and make the process go smoothly.

Let’s Talk About Your Expectations for the Future:

After we know if we’re a good fit for you, learn some background information, as well as information about the task at hand, we would like to understand what you envision for the future.  This can be financial expectations, increases in efficiency, increase in market share, change in your brand identity or whatever else you consider your “north star,” that you’re moving towards.

Let’s Talk About Your Schedule and Timeline:

We should also talk about the schedule and timeframe for implementing the task at hand.

Pick up the Phone or Shoot Us an Email:

Lastly, always remember that we have always had a no-hassle sales philosophy.  This means that there’s no reason to not reach out to us.  We’d be more than happy to discuss your ideas and needs, and kick around some ideas.

* – bootstrap (adjective)

1: designed to function independently of outside direction

2: carried out with minimum resources or advantage

Business Consulting, Coaching & Mentoring

Business Consulting & Coaching

Product & Project Management at

Product & Project Management

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