• Product Highlights

    • Can Monitor Multiple Entrances
    • Counts People from Overhead Position
    • Directional Sensing
    • Saves 24 Hourly Increments
    • Multiple EPC-3D can be Linked for Wider Entrances
    • View Data on PC or Optionally in the Cloud

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    Our 3D Stereo Camera People Counter is a device that accurately senses and counts pedestrians in many environments and public establishments, particularly where you may have dense pedestrian traffic and in locations with unstable lighting.
    Two cameras are used in the EPC-3D in order to create a 3D model of the objects, which gives the system depth perception.  This allows the system to not only determine the location and movement of the people, but also the height of the people.  The result is superior accuracy.  It is important to understand that this type of accuracy cannot be provided by single-camera systems. The processor stores the gathered data in the FLASH memory and later transfers it to the data processing system. Up to eight of these video camera people counters can be connected together to form one logical sensor for wider entrances. Click here for more details below
  • Product Highlights

    • Used to Power the EPC-3D
    • Maximum Cable Distance to EPC-3D is Approx 230 feet
    Our EPC-3D Stereo Video Camera People Counter is powered via Power over Ethernet (PoE).  This is the optional PoE Injector for the EPC-3D.
    There are two ways in which the EPC-3D can be supplied power over the ethernet cable.  First, if your networking equipment is equipped with PoE, then the people counter can be powered that way.  Alternatively, you can power the people counter via this PoE Injector. Click here for more details below